About me

Hi, and warmest welcome to my web page. I hope you like it so far, and that you like my work. I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember and my motives has changed over the years. It has mostly been nature and animals on the canvas though. I tried painting more freely, but I never got comfortable in it. My favourite method is still watercolour and pencils, even¬†though I have worked a lot with oil paintings for some years. It has its charm, it does, but I’m more the kind of painter that wants my work done over a session. The oil painting takes it times and an extraordinary sense of patience is needed. I may be good at waiting, but I’m a little bit too restless to make oil paintings work!

The last five or so years, I have also started experimenting with photography. Through the years I’ve seen so many beautiful pieces of footage that I finally got jealous! I decided one day, to start taking my own pictures. I’ve learned a lot but I have still very much¬†left, but in a sense you learn as long as you live. When it comes to photographing, I’m very much like my paintings. I prefer nature and animals in focus, both big and small. I find it peaceful to go out among the trees and animals, watching how nature is changing from season to season. Even though I’m not a professional photographer I try my hardest to capture the special beauty and magic that is there.

I hope you will find something you like here on my site. Please feel free to browse among my work, and if there is anything I’m happy to get a message from you.