Easter is on it’s way – playing casino slots & egg painting

Easter is coming closer and closer and I am starting to get a little stressed out. I have promised a friend to paint an easter egg that she will fill with candy and give away to someone special.

I am used to paint on plain canvas, so this is a real challenge for me. But I haven’t given up yet. Hopefully I will get used to the eggshaped underlay and paint a fine easter egg.

Before I started the project I did some research to get inspiration. It was really fun to see how the appearance of easter eggs differed between cultures.

I can’t reveal any details about the appearence of the egg that I am painting because it is supposed to be a surprise. But I can say that it will be a mix between personal and traditional easter motifs. Maybe I can tell you more when the egg is delivered to the recipient, perhaps even show a picture.

The easter is also noticed at the gambling sites. When I explored slots a while ago I saw a couple of easter themed slot machines in the casinos. One of the slots was Easter Eggs, a cute game with yellow chickens, white rabbits and baskets full of eggs. It’s a bright and warm colored slot with an happy shimmer over it. The symbols are traditionally and carefully painted, they could have been painted at an easter card as well.

Lucky Easter is another bright easter slot with candy filled eggs, wreaths of carrots and chickens hatching from an purple spotted shell. Personally I don’t like it as much as the Easter Eggs slot I mentioned before even though they are very similar to each other.

There are also some other interesting slots to play during the easter even though they are not that traditionall. One of them is Eggomatic, an animated and humoristic slot with robotlike birds and an egg machine that generates golden tin eggs.

But even if the range of slots with rabbits, chickens and eggs is quite good, I think there are room for some more slots at the same theme. I look forward to see what the game providers will come up with in the future.

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