I am back – talking about artistic slot machines

I have been away for a while. Life happened and I lost inspiration in blogging. But now I am back, more eager than ever to put my everyday life down into words.

Now some of you might think it was something extra ordinary that happened in my life that made me stop blogging. But no, it was nothing drastic at all. I took a new job that eat up much of my time, and that’s all. Now the job is finished and I have more time again. And some of that time I want to spend blogging about my living and my thoughts about this and that.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve recently become aware about online casinos and their huge range of slots. I know that many people don’t hold casinos high, but I have to say that it’s some fascinating artistic job behind many of the games.

When I first discovered the slots and understood how much hard artistic work that was invested in them I was completely stuck. I wanted to see more and more of them and now I’ve probably tried a hundred different games. But don’t be troubled, I play for free. I found a casino where you don’t have to play with real money, so I log in and play for free with fun money and can play any slot I want as long as I want. I don’t want to encourage anyone to try them, but trust me when I say that there are all sorts of slot games out there.

You can find cartoon styled slots, slots with christmas-, easter or animal themes. I don’t think there is a theme you can’t find in a slot. Fruit themed slots may be the most common, there are lots of them. Since I love animals I of course find the animal slots most interesting. One of my favourite slots is Wonder Hounds where the symbols consists of portrait painted cute little dogs with accessories like hats and flowers. I think the creator of the symbols have managed to given each dog it’s own personality. At freespins365.co.uk I use to look for tips about new and interesting slots.

Well, enough about this! Now I shall return to the real world and do some paintings. I got an order from a lovely lady who wanted me to paint her cute bassets on a canvas, it will be fun.