I love my job! I also love football and betting

I’m finished! I have completed the portraits of the bassets that I recently told you about. I’m pretty happy with the result and it will be fun delivering the canvas to the dog owner and see what she thinks. It’s always a bit nervous to show a painting to a client, but it’s also one of the best things with the job because it feels so good when the customer is satisfied. But of course, sometimes it happens that a customer isn’t really pleased, and that doesn’t feel good.

In those moments I use to think that I at least should be glad that I don’t work as a photographer. A photographer must often catch a moment, and if you discover that a photo didn’t became good the moment can be over. As a painter I can always go back to my studio and paint again and again until I am satisfied. There’s also a possibility to let someone else take over the project and do the painting if I fail with it. A wedding photographer for example doesn’t have the same possibility. They only have one chance. The same applies to sports photographers, they must take good pictures there and then because there will be no other opportunities to photograph the same match and the same events again.

Another thing I like with my job is that I always catch the animals from their best side in my paintings. The owners gives me a photo of their beloved pets that they like. If I was a photographer I would take all sorts of photos and some would not portray the object from their best side. That’s a big difference between painters and photographers, as a painter you rarely paint anyone in a disadvantageous way. Sports photographers do it all the time when documenting matches and competitions.

Speaking of sports, at oddsexpert.co.uk I saw that there will be some interesting football matches to look forward to the next couple of days. I’ve no plans for the weekend and I have a bit of a cold so I will probably stay at home and cure myself from it. Then it will be perfect to watch some football matches. I will probably watch Fulham – Manchester City and Manchester United – Watford at Saturday. I am a secret fan of Fulham and Manchester united, I know that many of you will go over the top now and say that you don’t can cheer on two teams. But yes you can, I can! It’s a sensitive issue, so I don’t really use to talk about it. And I want now either, but now you know which teams I keep closest to the heart and would bet my money on.

At oddsexpert there’s an odds comparison tool I think is useful for everyone that likes betting. The tool picks the best odds from the sport sites so you don’t have to do the searching yourself. I don’t use to bet, I just think it’s interesting to watch the odds.

I will probably also watch some series at Netflix in the weekend. I don’t know which of all Netflix series I will watch though, there are so many to choose from. I wish they could air season three of the Crown soon. I really look forward to it. I think I’ve read that there will be a fourth season as well, I’m not sure. But If that’s the case it will be really fun watching it.

Netflix also have a lots of interesting documentaries. Do you recommend any particular? Please let me now!

See you soon!