It’s springtime again

It’s spring, it’s sunny and I love it! It’s the best time of the year. Everything is brought to life again. The trees, the grass, the flowers sprouts and the air is filled with scents.

I am not the only one who loves this season. Many good writers have written beutiful poems that paints the spring in words. Unfortunately I don’t have the gift of the word. I wish I had, but I don’t. But I’ am not so sorry about it, I got the talent to paint instead and I am grateful for it every day.

Speaking about poetry. I read an article about a team that have developed a robot with AI that can write poems. When tested, a panel couldn’t determine if it was produced by a robot or a human.

I became curious and started to do some research. I found a website where you could test yourself if you could tell if a poem was written by a person or a robot. I took the test and I must say it was hard! It wasn’t so hard to guess which poems that was written by a person, it was harder to guess which poems that was written by a robot. Sometimes I thought a robot had written a poem that actually was composed by a human being.

If you’re interested in poetry I think you should dig deeper in this interesting, but also scary subject. Some of the robot genereated poems was pretty good, and that frightened me a bit. It’s staggering to think that something you so strongly associate with the innermost essence of human kind also could be created by a soulless robot.

What’s your thoughts about this? Would you like to do a test? Then search for “bot or poet” and you will find a website where you can try yourself. Don’t hesitate to try if you are curious!