Mastering the camera


As I said before, I’ve quite┬árecently started to enjoy the art of photographing. It’s simply a wonderful way of capturing the beauty and feel of something very quickly in one shot. It’s a bit different from painting, since you have to be in the exact same place to take the picture, and all you have to work with needs to be there. With my painting, I can be home and still capture magic from a photo, but without the need of being there. It’s also a huge difference in equipment and hardware. A good painter can produce nice pictures with not very high quality tools. A professional photographer is often limited by what gear he has, and the picture can not be any better than the camera allows it to be.

Since it is so different, but in many ways similar, I want to master both. I want to explore more things with my camera, which by the way isn’t of the best brand or version. I thought that if I can go and explore with a camera and take my own photos of things with beauty, I could also paint things with even more feel in them. Since I already know what kind of feeling I experienced in the situation where the picture was taken, I can take that feeling and infuse it to the painting in a different way. I already have the feeling and the picture, I just need to translate it a bit.

I think I have help from my painting in my photographing sessions, since I know in what angle I need to save the view in. I know how to get every little part of beauty in to the piece of art, but when I paint I can create things that aren’t there. When I take a photo, I need to choose what I want to show. In a painting, I can place a tree, a flower or an animal in the picture just about where and how I want. I can make a cow covered in flowers fly over the north pole if I want to. Although, the camera can only show what’s really there, unless I start to use a photo editing programme. I’m not a big fan of those, but it’s probably only since I don’t really know how to use them correctly. Maybe it’s time to learn that as well…

However I look forward to start combining my photo shoots with painting and explore both new places and new ways to create. And just maybe I’ll paint you a cow covered in flowers flying over the north pole, because it’s possible to paint that.