Me and my dogs

Tomtom is my latest darling among all the dogs I’ve had though my life. So far, I’ve had six dogs and Tomtom is numer seven. They have been small, they have been big. Two things are certain – I have painted them all, and they will forever be in my heart!

I grew up having dogs, although I can’t remember them all by name. However, I remember the two dogs my family had when I was just a little toddler. It was one big Bernese mountain dog, you know a huge drooling and furry giant. It was extremely friendly though, and since I was small I could not walk that well. He would stand beside me and let me grab him in the fur, so I can stand up. He then took a step, and I would follow him. This is mainly how I learnt to walk. I would also draw him, of course, but it was mostly just black and brown blobs with a tail.

The other dog we had was an English Cocker Spaniel. He was a little bit more reserved and not a fan of acting support for me when I was on adventure. After a few years we became better friends and he seemed to like me a bit better when I could walk by my selfe. Perhaps it was only because I could reach his candy jar, but still – we became good friends.

I have really not been without dogs in my whole life, now that I think about it. The first years when I just moved to my own place was without dogs, though. But that was just a year or two, and I soon got a dog on my own. She was a Whippet and I got her when she was a pup. We had a lot of fun through the years as well, with long walks, agility and learning a lot of things. When she started getting old, I got a pug named Holmes. They got along just fine, and we became a happy little family.

I’ve mostly just had one dog at the time, except for short periods of time when one of them grew old. I’ve also been an extra home for some dogs when friends has been on longer trips. Tomtom, my current friend, is a beagle of five years. He came to me a bit older, when he was just about to become three years old. His family had to move away, and they could not keep him. We’ve had some contact since we live in the same village, and they thought I could be a good caretaker of him. Well, it’s almost like he is the caretaker of me sometimes. I hope we both stay healthy and that we have many happy years to come. Of course I have a lot of drawings and paintings of him too.