The story about me and horses

Through all years I’ve been fascinated by horses. when I was a little girl I would ride them, pet them, join them in their pasture and of course paint and draw them. I would always write about horses when I had a writing assignment, only so I could draw a horse to attach in the story.

Later on, I got my very first horse to own myself. It was a little bit larger pony that fit me perfectly in size. We would practise both fence jumping as well as dressage and we even competed in lower classes. I remember when we won a fence jumping contest – I was so indescribable happy! It was very low fences and a very easy formation, but we had practised a lot and went through everything without even touching the fences. After that, my beloved friend got a whole bunch of carrots and apples!

Sadly, I out grew him and had to pass him on. I sold him to a girl that was the same age as I was when I bought him. I said goodbye to him with tears in my eyes, but the feeling that he would get a great life with the new girl. I followed him a bit in the contests and he did well, together with the little girl that seemed to be just as happy as I was.

Just a few months later I got a new horse, a thoroughbred that was majestic as few others! She was beautiful and I had her until I had to put her down because of age. During the years we had together, she was wonderful and we did a few competitions in dressage. It was very easy routines and we did not get any placements, but I did it mostly for fun so it didn’t matter. We had a lot of fun and we even tried cross country a bit, which was really hard but wonderful once you get used to it!

After she got to fly away on the forever green meadows, I was without horse for a long time. Many years later I bough a rescue horse – not planned at all. I was visiting a friend that had a few rescued horses, but she could not keep them all. So, I decided to take one. He became my close friend for many years, until I felt that I could not give him the time and love he deserved. I ended up selling him for a very small sum of money, to a person with many other horses. At that time, he was pretty old and had his glory days behind him. He got a very peaceful life both with me and at his last home, with lots of friends and lots of kids that could spoil him.

So, after him, I have focused on painting and drawing. All these years I have made an almost infinite amount of paintings and drawings of horses. I continue to do this with my customers, and I’ve learnt to capture the small details that makes the horse seem alive.