Upcoming projects


I’ve recently gotten a bit more energy than usual, it must be thanks to the weather. It does not happen that often and I appreciate once it does. A little extra boost is always welcomed and it makes cleaning the house a bit easier, don’t you think? I figured I could use some of it to boost my imagination as well. I’ve not had too many projects with paintings now for a while, and I’ve also been a bit lazy and not done anything myself. Maybe I need this boost to start painting a bit more, and reaching out to new customers.

I started looking a bit for some new ideas and I found a lot of beautiful pictures on the web. A lot of puppies seems to be very in-time, so I figured I’ll try to paint some of them. I actually haven’t painted too many puppies or kittens through my days, so it can be interesting to try it a bit more. Also, I want to learn something more now, so this is really a perfect opportunity.

I’m thinking a bit of what differences there are between painting puppies and painting older dogs. I talked about the magic a bit before and how I like to bring that magic into the painting. With adult dogs, I can bring the comfort, safety and companionship into the picture. In older dogs, I can incorporate the wisdom, knowledge and life experience that older dogs have. When you look them in the eye you understand that they have been through a lot, and that they are a wise creature.

The puppies on the other hand, they have not got that experience or knowledge yet. They are still an unwritten piece and a blank page of a book. They have a small understanding of the surrounding world but everything is still just one big adventure. Maybe this is what I should incorporate into the puppy paintings – the naivety and adventurous feeling. I can make the painting seem like the world is never-ending, only happy and good, and that everything is new and exciting.

I will not guarantee, but I will try to make it a bit like this. I want the magic to be a certain part of everything somehow, and I’ll see what I can do! Maybe you’ll get an update, maybe not. Anyhow, be sure to check in to see if the results comes up later on!