Vandalized statue and thoughts about the football world cup

FootballHello! A while ago, here at the blog, I revealed that I cheers on two football teams. It felt hard to tell because it is a bit controversial to cheer on two teams. But it went well, you readers are so kind.

However, the football world can be tough. I recently read about what happened to Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he became a partner of Hammarby, a football club that is a rival to the football club Malmoe where he started his career. When e became a partner of Hammarby the statue of Zlatan Ibrahimovic that was placed in his hometown Malmoe was vandalized over and over again. Eventually it was so destroyed that it risked collapsing. The city had to remove the statue and as far as I know it has not come up yet. However, Malmoe has decided that the statue will be set up again in a different place.

We’ll see, time will tell what happens with the statue and with Zlatan’s career. Right now he plays in Milan and has made a comeback in the Swedish national football team. It will be fun to see if Sweden with Zlatan Ibrahimovic will make it to the World Cup. As you all probably know by now the World Cup qualifier is going on and soon there is only one year left until the World Cup starts.

It is already possible to bet on who you think will take home the World Cup title in 2022. Brazil seems to be favorites, but if you believe the odds France and England also seem to have a chance. If you are interested in betting, that I wrote about earlier, have a page with online bookmakers that they recommend. Look there if you want to have tips on where you can bet online.

Speaking of Zlatan, for a while he actually played in one of my favorite teams: Machester United. But injury problems unfortunately marked his time there.