Why I love to paint

My love to painting will never end!

I started painting before I even knew what is was. I was given a crayon and some paper and I had a great time, I’ve been told. Since then I have not stopped doing it, and I have developed my skils all through the years. What started as a crayon and some paper in a toddler’s hand is now a business and what I love to do!

As I said in my post about horses, I loved painting them as a little girl. I also painted my dogs more times than I can count. Through the years I have also saved some pieces of my work, so I can compare them. This is what have made a lot of my progress and it has helped me developing my skills.¬†Thanks to this, I can now work with what I love to do. It’s really a blessing, and I have no thought on quitting my job in the next 10 years or so!

I have also wondered why I love painting so much. I find it hard to explain, but I have made a few conclusions. First of all, I love to spend time with animals – cats, dogs, horses and most of the other animals as well. I love seeing a horse grazing on a field or running over the meadows. A dog sleeping on the floor or a cat hunting in the grass. I also love the nature, and painting gives me an opportunity to be close to both the nature and the animals.

Painting is also a fantastic way of expressing the magic you might feel when you look at something you like. As an example, when I was a little girl and looked at the horses in the pasture, I could not describe the feeling better than in a painting. pictures speak when words don’t, and through pictures I can show others the true magic of a wonderful creature.

Another thing that makes me happy about painting is seeing the joy of a dog owner’s face when they get their portrait. This is something I’ve found joyful later in my life, when I started painting on demand. Maybe they have a long lost friend of the family that they want to remember, but the pictures can not explain it. When I give them a hand made painting with a lot of love and magic in it, they seem to have found what they have been looking for. This happiness is one of the biggest reasons I paint. When the motivation for painting is low, this helps a lot.

Ever since I started painting, I have felt that this is what I was meant to do. Never have I doubted this, and I wish to continue for many years ahead. It brings so much joy and happiness to both me and my customers and I want to have this for as long as I live.